This release includes one Connect enhancement; the ability for participants to edit responses if given permission. This is helpful for those using Connect for more complex forms that are difficult to complete in one sitting, or if mistakes may have been made when completing the form.

Connect Enhancement

  • Administrators Set Edit Permissions for Tier 2 Records in Connect Now, administrators can give participants permission to edit previously completed Tier 2 records. Edit permissions need to be set by Tier 2 form and by Program. If edit permissions are given, read access is also automatically assigned. Administrators need to click Save for changes to come into effect.

  • Edit Previously Saved Tier 2 Records in Connect. Now, participants can edit records in Connect. To edit, participants should navigate to Form Submissions and select which record to edit by clicking the pencil icon. Participants should make desired changes and click save record for edits to go live.

Note: If given edit permission on a Tier 2 record, participant can edit all previously completed records of that Tier 2, whether the record was created in Connect or by internal staff.

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