IP Allowlist (IP Whitelist)

Secure your Apricot Database by limiting access to specific IP addresses.

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Basic Setup

Located in the Apricot Settings, this allows the Apricot instance to only be accessed from the designated IP addresses. Attempting to access the Apricot database from an IP address not included in this list will result in a failure to complete the login process.

To add a new IP address to the allowlist/whitelist, type it into the blank text box and click Add. To remove an address, click the "x" next to the IP address.

How Do I Find A User's IP?

Users can find their IPs in multiple ways, but the simplest is to use a web service to get this information, such as https://www.ipchicken.com/, or by typing "my ip address" into the google search bar.

Find your IP address in Windows

  • Select Start > Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi and then select your network.

  • Under Properties, your IP address is listed next to "IPv4 address".

Other Access Issues

If an Apricot site is using IP Whitelist, an approved IP address may not be able to access the site if they are using Cloudflare's DNS service.

To verify if you are using this service, use the url provided by Cloudflare for this purpose:

In order to access this Apricot site, the service will need to be disabled. This setting may be on the computer itself or the router, so we can't provide exact steps for every case.

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