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2022 Release Notes
Release Notes | Jan 12 – 26 | Apricot 7.94.0
Release Notes | Jan 12 – 26 | Apricot 7.94.0

This release includes three defect fixes and one enhancement.

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Defect Fixes:

Attendance & Schedule | Search Participant Result Inconsistencies

Previously in newer functionality, like enrolling participants into terms in Attendance Tracker, search results would produce inconsistent and sometimes unexpected results. Now, results should load as users expect.

Reports | User List Field Issue

Previously reports and report sections would break if users included the new User List field. Now reports load and run as expected with that data point.

Administration | Manage User Access Issue

Standard Users with Manage User access can now access user details without error.


Attendance | Risk Filter Clarification

When narrowing down participants’ risk statuses (used if term has completion criteria configured), users will now see “current” as a filter option, a much clearer definition.

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