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Apricot Support | Case Priorities
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Case priorities are the customer-set priorities of a case. Case priorities are determined when a ticket is entered into Support. A Customer Support Representative may lower the severity if they do not believe it was appropriately set at the beginning of the case.

Priority Definitions

Here are the definitions of the Case Priorities listed on our Customer Support contact pages:

  • Critical/Business Down – Client’s production use of the SSG Software is stopped or so severely impacted that no User can reasonably continue to use or access the SSG Software. Critical requests have one or more of the following characteristics (a) data corruption, (b) SSG Software hangs causing unacceptable delays or (c) the SSG Software is inaccessible to all Users. Target response time for Critical/Business Down cases will be 2 hour.

  • High – Client experiences a disruptive loss of use of the SSG Software. Important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround, however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion. Target response time for High priority cases will be 4 hours.

  • Medium – Client experiences moderate to minor loss of use of the SSG Software or a feature / operation generated a result that was not expected. The impact is isolated and an inconvenience however use and access of the SSG Software can continue. Target response time for Medium priority cases will be 1 Business Day.

  • Low – Client requests information, an enhancement, or SSG Documentation clarification regarding the SSG Software but there is no impact on the use or access of the SSG Software. Target response time for Low priority cases will be 1-2 business days.

To provide the highest level of service to all SSG clients and users, Critical cases will be reviewed first; if the case does not meet the description of a Critical case, then the response will be based on the actual priority of the issue. If a case is not submitted through the Client Portal, the priority will default to Medium unless Client explicitly states otherwise within the subject of the message. Case priorities can be adjusted after the case has been submitted if additional information is provided/discovered that causes the priority to either increase or decrease. If the case priority is adjusted by a SSG Support specialist, Client will be notified of the change and provided an explanation.

Once a case has been responded to by support, Critical and High priority cases should receive a follow up at least every day, Medium at least every 1-2 days, and Low at least every 1-3 days.

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