Apricot Support | Who should I contact?
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Apricot Customer Support

This team can answer Apricot technical questions about software performance, configuration inquires, HMIS, and new features. Chat, email, or submit a case; more information here.

Training Team

This team can answer questions about Apricot Training Sessions. If you are signed up for sessions or would like to sign up please email them or visit this page for more information. Login to the Academy here.

Client Success Team

Apricot Admins can reach out to this team to discuss account contracts, renewals, and case escalations. This team is an excellent resource for product experience and annual contract renewals questions.

Account Management Team

Apricot Admins can reach out to this team to discuss new features and products, utilization strategies, and inquires regarding professional services. This team is an excellent resource for Apricot product features and comprehensive strategy questions.

Assigned Support Consultant (ASC):

An ASC is an Assigned Support Consultant and can be utilized for billable hours and consultation on your system. They are versed in our software configuration, reporting platforms, and much more. If you are interested in acquiring an ASC, reach out to your Account Manager. If you are interested in contacting your ASC, please reach out to support.

General Questions about Bonterra

For new clients looking for more information about the products or the company, please reach out to us here or visit our home page.

Release Notes: Check out Chat's News feature to see all release notes

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