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Apricot 2020 Release Notes
Apricot Release 9.25.20 | Bug Fix & Intake Duplicate Check Update
Apricot Release 9.25.20 | Bug Fix & Intake Duplicate Check Update

This release includes one high priority defect fix and an Intake Ideas Portal submission.

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The following fix are in this release:

  • If there is an empty filter on an email trigger within a form, the record will now save.


We are excited to release a user-requested Intake feature that will provide more clarity to participants completing an Intake form and make it easier for administrators to troubleshoot.

On 9/25, if an Intake form submission fails due to duplicate check, the default behavior will be to show: Participant already registered with this organization.

For organizations that are collecting particularly sensitive information via Intake, we’ve included the option to show a generic error: Uh oh. There was a problem. We weren’t able to save your intake information. Please try again later.

Please note updates to Intake duplicate check errors are made per Intake form. To view or make any updates to Intake duplicate check errors:

  1. Select Success/Error Options at the top of the Intake Form Builder. Note that updates need to be made per Intake form.

2. Click or tab to “Error Options” in the Success/Error Options dialog box.

3. Make desired updates or changes and click Save

4. Make sure to save the Intake form itself for any changes to go live

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