Editing Reports
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Editing Reports

Apricot makes it easy to edit existing reports.

Open a Report for Editing

  1. Go into the Administrator tab.

  2. Click "Reports" in the left hand menu.

  3. Expand the black arrow next to the report category you wish to see.

  4. When you see the report you would like to edit,

  5. Hover the mouse over the Actions tab and click on "Edit."

Edit a Report Using the Properties Gears

The entire report can be adjusted while in Edit mode.

  1. The report name can be adjusted using the main report gear box.

  2. Section properties can be adjusted using the section gear box.

  3. Column properties can be adjusted using the column gear boxes.

  4. Global Values can be added or edited.

  5. Filters can be added or edited.

  6. To adjust filter logic, type into this text box.

Revert a Report

If you have made too many changes that need to be undone or find your report is getting confusing, you can revert your report to the last published version.

  1. Click "Revert Report" in the right hand menu.

  2. This will delete all changes made since the report was last published and revert to the report back to the last published version. Click "Confirm" if this is what you want to do.

Note: You cannot undo a revert!

Delete a Report

Reports can only be deleted from this screen.

  1. Click "Delete Report."

  2. Confirm.

Warning: deleting a report is permanent. If there is a chance the report could still be a valid or needed reference, you may want to create a category on the Report Builder page called "Inactive" and drag your unneeded reports there.


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