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Apricot for Homeless Services (AHS), Apricot for Violence Survivors (AVS), Apricot for Funders (AFF) (Legacy)

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Fields: Review Assignment
Form: Reviewer Profile
Form: Review Scorecard
AFF: Application Intake/Grant Cover Sheet
Grant FieldBrief information about Grant Fields
AFF: Review AssignmentsThe Review Assignments page allows reviewers easier access to their application assignments.
AFF: Application Overview Error Message
AFF: Applying AgenciesAFF is built to manage the workflow and access of three key types of users: Funders, Applicants and Reviewers.
Form: Grant InvitationAFF's grant module manages the workflow around several key forms.
User: FunderAn AFF Funder is an organization that distributes grant funds.
The Grant ToolThe Grant Tool serves as a hub where Administrators can control when forms are turned on and off within the database.
Connect Applicant Profiles to Intake FormsAFF Funders use a Linking Field to connect Applicant Profile forms to their appropriate Application Intake forms.
Form: Applicant Profile
Fields: User Creation FieldThe User Creation field allows people from outside a Funder's organization to add themselves as users to the AFF database.
User: Applying Agency or Individual ApplicantApplying agencies or individual applicants exist outside of the funding organization and will apply for grant funding through AFF databases.
Required AFF FormsAFF's grant tool manages access to key forms within the database.
User: Reviewers
AFF: Grant Dashboard for AdministratorsAFF Grant Administrators can access a Grant Dashboard to see a range of details about any of their grants in the system.
AFF: Application Overview
Optional Additional AFF Forms
Creating Secure Web Forms to Access AFF for the First TimeHow to create an external link for applicants to establish their access to your AFF database
Introduction to Apricot For Funders (AFF)An Introduction to Apricot for Funders

Reading Standard AVS ReportsReading an AVS Report
Legacy AVS Template to AHS Template Migration ProcessThis guide will help admins that need to adhere to the new 2024 HUD requirements identify and migrate their data into the new AHS Template.
HUD Compliance UpdatesThe landing page to answer all of your HUD related questions!
AHS: Self-Migration Seed Data#HMIS #AHS #Template #Migration
AVS | 2022What's new, where to find it and how to prepare your data to run the HUD APR or ESG CAPER report.
Walking Through AVS for New UsersApricot for Violence Survivors (AVS) is a database that has been set up with a standard process for entering data.
AVS: ESG CAPER and HUD APR ReportHow to prepare your data, run the ESG CAPER or HUD APR report, and export the results
Entering a New Client in AVS
Managing Users and Access in AVSReference material for managing Apricot users and their access to Apricot
AVS: Changing Available Options in Dynamic Dropdown MenusThis article outlines specific dynamic dropdown menu functionality for users of Apricot For Violence Survivors (AVS)
Adding New Staff, Volunteers, Interns, Board MembersStaff, volunteers, interns and board members are considered supporters in the AVS database. They provide some kind of service to clients.
AVS: How to Connect Services to Service Types for Grant FundingAVS (Apricot for Violence Survivors) comes with several pre-built reports for grants from VOCA, VAWA, VSSR, SASP and OVW, among others.
Enter Batterer InformationThe instructions below provide steps for entering information about batterers or abusers into the AVS database.
Enter a New Anonymous ClientSome organizations serve clients who remain anonymous - clients do not provide demographic information, nor do the organizations collect it.
Managing Restricted Fields and ReportsThe instructions below detail what an Administrator may do with a restricted field or report and how to contact the Customer Care team
Enter a New Hotline CallThese instructions outline the process for entering information about a call on the hotline.
Searching for RecordsThe instructions below outline how to search the database for information that has already been entered into the system
Important Notice Regarding HUD's definition for Comparable Databases
AVS to AHS Upgrade FAQs
How to Enter Client LocationClient Location is a data field that is required for the ESG CAPER report.
Track Bed NightsBed nights or shelter stays can be tracked by creating a Bed Enrollment record for each client staying in shelter.