AHS: Self-Migration Seed Data

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Use the files at the end of this article to import the seed data for Category [AHS], Option [AHS], Continuum of Care [AHS].

If this step is not done, some drop-down sections such as "Funder" may not appear to have any options populated to select.

Note: Make sure to import Category [AHS] before the Option [AHS] form as the records in Option [AHS] relate to different records within Category [AHS].

How to Import the Seed Data

For a more detailed breakdown of how to import data using the Import Tool, please refer to these article:

  1. In your Apricot instance, generate an import template for the following forms:

    1. Category [AHS] - (Tier 1 Form)

    2. Continuum of Care [AHS] - (Tier 1 Form)

    3. Option [AHS] - (Tier 2 Form)

  2. For each template, use the contents of the seed data to populate the the respective template for each form.

  3. First import Category [AHS], followed by Option [AHS] and Continuum of Care [AHS].

Note: Please do not overwrite the headers in the newly generated import templates

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