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Release Notes | Week of November 6 | Apricot 7.157.0
Release Notes | Week of November 6 | Apricot 7.157.0

This week we released 5 defect fixes.

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Native Reporting | Graphs and the Standard Theme

We fixed an issue where Graphs in Reports would not display if the Standard Theme was selected in the Graph Properties.

Passwords | Unmet Requirements

When a Password does not meet the requirements to reset it, Apricot will now display which requirements were not met.

Forms | Dropdown Options with Double Quotes

When a dropdown option contains double quotes and that option is selected when a Record is saved, the option will no longer change to Other and save the option in the Other field.

Forms | Linking and Auto Populate

We fixed an issue where Records could not be Linked if the Record in the Linked Record Search had a Record ID that was the same value as the Field ID of the Auto Populate Field.

Forms | Accessibility

We addressed an issue where it would take 20+ tab presses to get from the last field of a Record to the Save Record button.

Imports | Performance of Linking Imports

We released performance improvements to alleviate latency in slow/stalled Linking Imports.

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