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Release Notes | Week of Jan 23 | Apricot 7.135.0
Release Notes | Week of Jan 23 | Apricot 7.135.0

Release Notes for Jan 23 2023. This week we released 6 defect fixes in addition to performance and accessibility improvements

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Referrals | Accepted/Rejected Emails

We fixed an issue where emails were not sent after a Referral was accepted or rejected on My Referrals.

Forms | Record Save Checklist & Required County Fields

We fixed an issue where the Record Save Checklist would not display a required County field when the form contained an optional State field.

Forms | Copying Templates with Links
We fixed an issue that was causing original template linking data and values to persist without clear indication to users.

Attendance Tracker | Group Controls

We fixed inconsistent behavior within Group Controls that was causing non-standard fields and activities information to unintentionally get cleared out.

Connect | Direct Message Performance

Improvements were made to decrease load times throughout the Direct Message process within Connect.

Accessibility | Census Dashboard
We released an accessibility improvement to the Census dashboard used by Apricot 360 organizations.

Performance | Apricot System Wide Latency

Throughout the week we released performance improvements and optimizations in response to reports of system-wide latency in Apricot. A root cause analysis will be available from your Customer Success Manager.

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