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Guide to Self-Implementing Apricot Essentials
Guide to Self-Implementing Apricot Essentials

This guide is intended for clients who choose to self-implement in Apricot Essentials.

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Welcome to Apricot! This guide is intended for clients who choose to self-implement in Apricot Essentials, meaning you are not working with our Professional Services experts. Following this guide step-by-step will ensure that you configure your new Apricot Essentials site with all the features and functionality you need to start entering and reporting on essential data.


Apricot Data Entry:

  1. Complete Apricot 101, 201, 301 (in Training Academy)

Understanding Programs and Program Enrollment

Reviewing: Prebuilt Apricot Forms (in Training Academy)

  1. Individual Service Plan

  2. Household

  3. Pantry

  4. Job Placement

  5. Volunteer

Step 1: Edit Prebuilt Forms

Creating Forms

  1. Complete: Creating Forms Learning Path (in Training Academy)

  2. Article: Blueprint forms

  3. Article: Batch Records (for taking class/group attendance)

Any field that is not gray in the title can be edited. If you find gray ones you do want to edit, let us know and we can help. Feel free to customize and add additional fields for things you’d like to track beyond our templates

Update Lookup Lists

  1. Sites & Programs

    1. Primary Reason for Exit

    2. Sites

    3. Programs

  2. Class Profile & Attendance

    1. Attendance Status

    2. Classes

  3. Services

    1. Services Provided

  4. Pantry Service Log (if using this module)

    1. Other Items

    2. Clothing

Update Referral Email Trigger

  1. Go to Standard Forms > Under Participant

  2. Edit the Referral form

  3. Update the Email Trigger with org relevant information

Step 2: Build New Forms

You can build a new form for anything not already in the system. Be sure to review available forms in the Template Library as this will provide ideas and starting points for building forms.

  1. Administrator > Form Designer > Templates

Anything you are tracking about a Participant should ideally be a Tier 2 form underneath to be filled out with each interaction.

  1. Follow along: Creating a Tier 1

  2. Follow along: Creating a Tier 2

Step 3: Programs & Roles

Access to data in Apricot is controlled by Programs and Roles. Customize the existing Programs to match what services your organization offers.

Set up Roles based on the different types of staff that might access your data with what they need to see:

You will also likely want to make sure your form settings put new data in the right programs:

  1. Article: Program Assignment Settings

Network Referrals

Step 4: Data Entry

Enter Staff/Volunteer Profiles

  • Create records under Staff/Volunteer Profile

Import existing data from your other system into Apricot

  1. Complete: Import Training

  2. Follow along: Create Tier 1 Records

  3. Follow along: Create Tier 2 Records

Enter in Referral Agencies (If not using Network Referrals)

  • Create records under Referral Organization Profile

Step 5: Roll Out to Staff

Have staff register for the Social Solutions Training Academy:

  1. Visit the Bonterra Training Academy self-signup page

  2. Complete the registration information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Language)

  3. Enter the following code: Apricot End User

Demonstrate the data entry process for staff

Utilize the Basic Essentials Solution Design provided below or create your own, as a visual reference for new staff members.

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