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Release Notes | Out of Network Referrals | February 10, 2022
Release Notes | Out of Network Referrals | February 10, 2022

Network Referral capabilities provide unprecedented visibility into progress, outcomes, and impact across communities of care.

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Bonterra’s Network Referral capabilities provides unprecedented visibility into progress, outcomes, and impact across communities of care. To enhance the network, we are enabling opted-in organizations to send referrals and understand referrals status with their community partners regardless of the case management system partners are using. This ensures the Network Referrals better meets the realities of social good workers today.

Sending Organization Experience

In vs. Out of Network Listings

An in-network organization is an org using Bonterra case management software. In network referrals are a more robust and secure experience as data never leave Bonterra software and demographic information is transferred automatically.

An out of network organization is an org not using Bonterra case management software. They could be using different case software, EHRs, or other CRMs. Bonterra provides and maintains out of network organization listings. At this time Apricot organizations cannot add their own community partners; however, this is functionality our Product team is exploring.

In network orgs are represented by the teal icon with two arrows. By default, in network organizations appear first in search results.

To turn off in network prioritization, click atlas icon directly right of the Program sort dropdown.

Out of network orgs are represented by the teal icon with an envelope. This indicated that if user refers to that community organization, an email referral will be generated to that organization.

Creating an Out of Network Referral

After clicking the teal email icon, users will be routed to the Create Referral page. The page will look slightly different than an in-network referral with two yellow information boxes.

The main difference of an out of network referral is that Apricot does not exist on the receiving side of the referral. This means we will generate an email that contains actionable but anonymized participant information

To create an out of network referral, users should fill in fields as promoted. Consent is still required for out of network referrals.

Note: Avoid including any sensitive information in the notes section.

Tracking Out of Network Referrals

Users can always see a sent referral’s status regardless of in or out of network.

If the referral was out of network, the referral will show a blue out of network tag directly right of sent time.

Additional out of network details can be viewed in the referral drawer, including reject reason and additional out of network descriptions.

An out of network referral has a limited set of statuses compared to in network.

  • Out of network can be Sent, Accepted or Rejected.

  • In network can be Sent, In Review, Accepted or Rejected.

Just like in network, “Accepted” out of network referrals should be archived to move the referral to history and keep the Outbound tab clean.

Receiving Organization Experience

New Referral Email

An email containing key information is sent to the email address provided on the out of network program listing.

Email contains:

  • Sending caseworker name and contact information

  • Sending organization and program name

  • Anonymized participant demographic information

  • Any notes sending caseworker provided

  • Accept and Reject buttons

  • Directions to update info and manage emails

Accept Referral

Staff at an out of org network can accept the sent referrals in two steps. If the receiver needs more information to decide, the contact information of the sender is easily accessible.

First, receiver will click “Accept Client” button on the email.

Next, receiver is routed to a webpage where they will confirm the acceptance. The receiver can also reject the client from here if “Accept Client” was clicked in error.

The webpage will conveniently display anonymized participant information for the receiver.

Upon clicking “Yes, Accept Client” a confirmation page will load.

The receiver can undo the acceptance if an error was made. Clicking “Undo Now” will return receiver to the original confirmation page.

As soon as “Yes, Accept Client” is clicked, the referral status will update to “Accepted” in the My Network Referrals Outbound tab.

Reject Referral

While the reject referral process is comparable to accepting, there is an additional step.

If receiver clicks “No, Reject Referral”, they are required to select a reason.

There is a set list of reasons why. Receiver should select the best fit or pick “Other” and provide details.

Users will see confirmation once a reject reason has been submitted.

The selected reason will be visible to sending caseworker in the referral drawer of the Outbound tab.

Manage Emails & Request Information Updates

Receivers can manage email preference from the email. Receivers should click “Manage these emails” in the email footer.

In Manage Emails, receivers can choose to continue receiving emails, unsubscribe from emails and change the email address referrals should be routed to.

Receivers can also learn more about the referral network or contact Bonterra with additional questions or information updates at any time from Manage Emails.

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