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Release Notes | Week of April 18 & 25 | Apricot 7.108.0
Release Notes | Week of April 18 & 25 | Apricot 7.108.0

This release includes five defect fixes, several optimizations across Apricot pages, and Canadian feature support.

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Caseloads | Canadian Support

Canadian organizations can now take advantage of Caseloads functionality and use it as expected.

Caseloads | Site Admin Support

Site Admins no longer experience an error preventing data viewing.

Attendance Tracker | Data Improvements

We released optimizations to address latency experienced with Attendance Tracker data in both native reporter and Apricot Results Reporting.

Attendance Tracker | Apricot Results Reporting

We released two changes to Apricot Results Reporting. One that will reduce the number of errors occurring when pulling Attendance Tracker data and one to accurately display the Attendance Activity Options within reports.

Intake | Standard User access

Standard Users with assigned External Access for Intake Forms will no longer have the issue of finding the Intake Form link within their navigation menu.


Connect | Performance Enhancements

We released several optimizations to improve performance within Connect Participant Types, including caching of common queries to reduce page load time.

Internal Referrals | Page Optimizations

We released an optimization to My Referrals page to improve load times for a small set of organizations.

Search | Page Optimizations

We released additional enhancements to search records to support an organization experiencing lag.

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