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2022 Release Notes
Release Notes | Weeks of April 4 & 11 | Apricot 7.106.0
Release Notes | Weeks of April 4 & 11 | Apricot 7.106.0

This release includes six defects, several optimizations across Apricot pages, and one enhancement.

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Forms | Dynamic Dropdown

We fixed an issue that was causing dynamic dropdowns to appear blank when Record Level Access is present.

Forms | Batch Records

We immediately resolved an issue that was preventing batch record creation.

Record Audits | Timeout

We released optimizations to Record Audit pages to improve load times. Additionally, users are prompted to enter filters to ensure a better experience.

Search | Programs Applied via Roll-up

We resolved an issue that prevented all Tier 1 programs assigned from appearing in search pages.

Network Referrals | Participant Selection

We fixed an issue that caused some organizations difficulty when selecting the participant to be referred.

Reports | Negative Numbers

We resolved an issue that was causing negative values to revert to positive values.

Performance Improvements

We released several optimizations to address latency that certain large organizations experienced in Connect, Attendance, Search and User Pages.


Attendance | Site & Program Views Respected

Attendance Tracker now respects Site and Program filtered views.

When accessing Classes & Terms within the Attendance Tracker, a user will now see content based on which Site/Programs they are assigned and/or based on Site/Programs they have filtered to via the Program Badge within the top navigation menu of Apricot.

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