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Apricot Packages and Add-Ons | ASC Program Management Bundle
Apricot Packages and Add-Ons | ASC Program Management Bundle
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In an effort to better support our clients that have complex service program needs with a desire to take their platform use to the next level we have developed the ASC Program Management Bundle. Throughout our time supporting these clients we have found that the greatest blocker to success within a platform is the tendency of these clients to experience their individual service programs becoming siloed and misaligned with overarching organizational goals, complicating their approach to design and sustainable use of their platform.

This new offering partners an Advanced Support Consultant with an Program Manager who specializes in ASC services to tackle the more complex and challenging maintenance needs.. If you need assistance organizing your case management work among multiple stakeholders, this is the support package to explore!

Our service goal is to create a path where our clients with multiple participant services can now be goal-oriented with a tailored platform and support approach to meet all short- and long-term goals:

  • The Program Manager oversees client organizational goals by planning for success, resolving issues, and tracking progress.

  • This increases the effectiveness of ASC services by creating clear and aligned processes across programs and initiatives.

  • Clients can meet their goals because client-centric tools exist for the ASC and programs that support organization and optimization of all support and service needs.

If you would like to learn more about the ASC Program Management Bundle, please contact your account manager or simply reach out to


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