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Apricot Packages and Add-Ons | Results Training
Apricot Packages and Add-Ons | Results Training
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Bonterra Academy Self-Sign Up (Free training resources!)

Bonterra Academy is an excellent resource for learning how to set up, use and manage your Bonterra Software. If you do not already have an Academy Account, you can sign up by following these steps to access this free content.

Signing Up:

  1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and confirm your same Email Address

  2. Enter one Self-Signup Code:

    • For 360 Administrators, Use Code: 360 Admin

    • For CORE Administrators, Use Code: CORE Admin

    • For Essentials Administrators, User Code: Essentials Admin

    • For Standard Users, Use Code: Apricot End User

  3. Click “Register”

  4. Check your inbox for an email from prompting you to choose a password and login for the first time.

  5. Complete!

Getting Started:

  1. Log in to the Academy:

  2. Bookmark this URL for easy access

  3. Click here to view our catalog of free Results webinars and register for those that suit your needs


  • Reset your password at any time from by clicking “I’ve forgotten my username/password.”

  • Use more than one, Self-Signup Code to add additional Academy Access. Complete the form and register… then enter your details again with a different signup code (use the same email address to add the additional access to your existing Academy Account).

  • Reach out to the Training team by visiting Support if you need additional Academy assistance.

Results Premium Training | Results Reporting Foundations Courses & Labs

We are offering a comprehensive package that that provides Results Reporting specific services at a client-led pace. We will meet your scoping, creation, maintenance, and instance specific training needs to ensure you are capable of successfully achieving your outcome measurement goals on our Apricot 360 & Apricot platforms.

Our Results Reporting Package will enable you to meet reporting goals, with a focus on your priorities and skill level. You can take your organization's outcome reports to the next level while also learning how to develop, build, and modify reports within the Results Reporting feature.

This package focuses on the following services:

  • Results Report building

  • Results Report corrections/changes

  • Results Report advanced expertise (troubleshooting, variables, flags, context, input controls, etc.)

  • Results Report training (all levels)

This package does not provide assistance outside of the Results Reporting feature within your Apricot 360 or Apricot instance and does not include code development, compliance tracking, data analysis or validation, or migration services.

If you would like to learn more about the Results Reporting Specialist Package, please contact the Account Management team by visiting Support.

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