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2022 Release Notes
Release Notes | Weeks of March 7 & 14 | Apricot 7.102.0
Release Notes | Weeks of March 7 & 14 | Apricot 7.102.0

This release includes six defect fixes.

Updated over a week ago

Document Folder | Performance Optimization

We updated several queries that we believe was causing slowness upon Document Folder loads for certain organizations.

Reports | User List Data Style

Reports including the user list field were reverting to username. Now First and Last name shows in addition to username as expected.

Administration | User Preferences Time Zones

We added additional time zones to the user preferences dropdown, including Australia/Queensland and Australia/Northern Territory.

Accessibility | Keystrokes as Activity

Keystrokes are now recognized as activity so that users are not timed out unexpectedly.

Programs | Intersecting Program Error

We resolved an issue from a previous defect fix that prevented administrators from accessing specific program(s) selected in the program badge.

Connect | Direct Messages Headers

We resolved a visibility issue. Column headers on DM tables (ex. phone, email columns) can now be clearly viewed in all color schemes.

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