Release Notes | 11/4/2021 | Attendance 1.2.6

This release includes one enhancement to the Attendance Tracker.

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Reporting Support for Non-Standard Attendance Notes

Users can now report on non-standard attendance notes in Bonterra Case Management’s reporting tool. Bonterra Case Management Results Reporting support for attendance data is not available yet.

Earlier in 2021, we released the ability to collect additional data points in attendance apart from tagging, time in & out, activities and notes. Users can add up to 5 custom fields. Those 5 can be either a drop down, numeric or text field.

Important Note:

If users are reporting on non-standard multi-select dropdown data, some may experience what appears to be duplications in reports. This is expected. Numeric and text fields will not exhibit this behavior.

The appearance of duplication is caused by the reporting tool treating non-standard attendance data as a Tier 2 record naturally linked to the attendance record.

Some of this duplication can be handled via filtering within the report to exclude rows which contain blank values, however the best way to avoid duplication is to use multiple selections within dropdowns sparingly.

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