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Release Notes | 8/12/2021 | Attendance Tracker - 1.2.3
Release Notes | 8/12/2021 | Attendance Tracker - 1.2.3

This release includes two bug fixes and one enhancement.

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Attention: Apricot is now Bonterra Case Management. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name.

Bug Fixes

  • Attendance Tracker: Can’t Remove Day from Term. Previously, when users attempted to adjust a term’s schedule by removing days, Attendance Tracker would not accept those changes. Now, users can remove days from terms with expected updates in the attendance grid appearing.

  • Attendance Tracker: Data Not Updating Reporting. Previously certain attendance data would not update correctly in reports, ex. changes in term names, activities being removed. Now, reporting reflects the most up to date inputs and configuration of the Attendance Tracker

  • Attendance Tracker: Activities Not Saving When Selected For Entire Class. Previously when activities were selected for an entire class, those activities would not update correctly. Now, activities can be selected for an entire class without issue.


Attendance Tracker: Additional Data Capture Points. Previously, users could choose to track only select data points in addition to present / absent. Those standard options are tagging, time in/out and notes. Now, we’ve expanded the universe of attendance data points available for capture. This is to ensure that funder requirements can be met. Users can configure up to five additional fields.

To configure custom attendance data points:

  1. Open Attendance Note Settings within a Term

2. Select Add Field within Attendance Notes Settings.

Input Field Label (what users will be prompted to capture within the Attendance Grid) and select Field Type.

Note: Custom field types are restricted to Dropdown, Text or Numeric.

4. If Dropdown is selected, user needs to configure dropdown selections.

A fourth tab will appear in Attendance Notes Settings. The tab matches the chosen Field. Users can delete or edit the Field Label or Field Type by clicking on the pencil or trashcan icon.

5. Click Add Option and type in desired input. Make sure to click save.

6. Record custom attendance in the attendance grid

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