Connect Scheduler Release Notes

This article details Connect Scheduler. Released July 23 to all Apricot 360 clients.

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This release includes:

  1. Schedule Appointment from Connect Portals

  2. Setting up Service Calendars

Schedule Appointments from Connect Portals

Note: There are Apricot features that need to be configured before participants can schedule appointments in Connect.

  • Organization must be on Role-Based Permissions

  • Organization must be using Caseloads

  • Caseloads is how we understand which staff(s)’/services availability to show participants in their accounts

  • Staff/Services must have their calendars synced

  • Staff/Services must have participants in their Caseload

Participant Dashboard Updates

Upon login, participants will see these buttons in the interface.

  • Appointments

  • Request Appointment


Participants can view all scheduled appointments, upcoming and past, in Appointments, accessed in the side nav.

Note: Appointments are viewed day by day. Participants cannot see a list of all appointments in one screen.

Participants should click the arrows on either side of the date to change the date in view.

Appointment Details

Participants can view appointment details, including other participants, video conferencing link and notes, by clicking on the appointment.

Note: Participants cannot edit appointment details. Only the appointment owner, the named Apricot user, can adjust details from My Apricot Tools > Schedule.

Cancel Appointments

Participants can cancel appointments by opening appointment details and clicking Cancel Appointment.

Attendees are notified of the cancellation in their synced accounts and the appointment no longer appears in staff calendar or under appointments in the Connect portal.

Request Appointment

Participants can request an appointment with staff or services by clicking Request Appointment from the dashboard or the Appointments screen.

First, participants must choose who they want to meet with.

Who Details

Participants will see a card with a dropdown that lists options of whose calendar they can schedule on.

This list is populated by the Apricot user(s)’ Caseload the participant is a part of.

  • In this case, Professor Flitwick and OWL Tutoring are both Apricot users that have their calendars synced and Fred in their Caseload.

Participants can only schedule with one Apricot user at a time.

  • In this case Fred cannot schedule an appointment with both Professor Flitwick and OWL Tutoring.

Once participant selects a staff or service from the dropdown, a calendar with availability will appear.

When Details

Participants can select a time on staff or services calendar.

Time can be booked by the half hour. Participants should click the desired timeslot and drag up or down if more than 30min is desired.

To see more times, click the arrows above the earliest time and below the latest time.

To deselect a time, simply click the time you previously selected.

Note: At this time, it is not possible to set durations per staff or service. If a participant books too much or too little time, staff should edit the appointment from My Apricot Tools > Schedule.

Note: It is possible for participants to book time that is marked busy; horizontal lines will appear if busy times are selected.

Appointments must be booked in contiguous time slots. Scheduler only allows one time period per appointment.

Why Details

Participants can provide any additional context in the Why card.

This is helpful for staff anticipate and best prepare for the discussion. We also recommend that participants include any other people that will be joining the appointment here.

Information provided in the Why card will be populated in Appointment Description.

Once Who, When and Why sections are complete, participants should click to submit. The appointment is now scheduled!

Participants can navigate to see appointments or back to their Connect portal dashboard upon submission.

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