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Release Notes 3/24/2021 | 7.58.0 | Bug Fix & Enhancement
Release Notes 3/24/2021 | 7.58.0 | Bug Fix & Enhancement
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This release includes one bug fix, one Rules & Alerts enhancement and two internal updates.

Bug Fix

  • Address Line 1 Required Issue (Address Lookup) - Previously, if an organization was utilizing Address Lookup field type and a user populated a portion of the field (ex. city), the first line would become required even though it was not set as required within field properties. Now, a user can fill out portions of Address Lookup without the requirement being triggered, as expected


  • Rules & Alerts Calculation Field Support - Previously users could not choose a calculation field – like budget, assessment scores – as a field condition trigger. Now users can build Rules to trigger notifications based on a calculation field’s data.

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