Release Notes 2/9/2021 | 7.53.0 | Bug Fixes

This release includes several bug fixes and one optimization used in aggregate reports.

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Bug Fixes

  • (Rules & Alerts) – Rule Edit: Field Conditions & Actions Cleared. Now field conditions and actions are retained if rule is edited.

  • Program Not Allowing Referrals. Now if program is set to receive and send referrals and user has permissions to create referral, referrals will appear in the Doc Folder kebab menu.

  • Assign Program Modal iOS Issue. Now users can add or remove individual programs instead of having to remove or add all programs when using an iPad.

  • Password Reset Causing Missing Users on Internet Explorer (Intermittent). Messaging was added to the password reset email requesting using a different browser as Microsoft is ending support for IE August 17, 2021.


  • Aggregate Report Optimization – Complementary database work to ensure more prompt loading of aggregate reports.

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