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Apricot 2020 Release Notes
Form Logic Support for Mobile & Connect | Release Notes
Form Logic Support for Mobile & Connect | Release Notes

This article details updates to Mobile & Connect to support Form Logic, arriving July 31, 2020

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On July 31, 2020, we will be releasing support for most Form Logic to Mobile & Connect (including Intake). We understand how important Form Logic is for users' operations; it is how you ensure that data collection is accurate, and the user experience is seamless.

Now, Apricot users can complete virtually any form on the go in Mobile Apricot and Connect users can be guided through forms to ensure you get the information you need.


I. Supported Fields, Conditions and Actions

II. Limitations

III. Form Logic in Mobile

IV. Form Logic in Connect

Supported Fields, Conditions and Actions


Note: Calculations remain unsupported in Mobile & Connect. Inputs that feed calculations, such as Numeric, Currency and Decimal fields can be entered via Mobile or Intake. To see the calculations run, access the record in Desktop Apricot.

Form Logic in Mobile

In this example, the Mobile user is shown and required to answer a Radio Button field based on a Numeric condition. The user is also shown two Label HTML fields based on a Decimal condition and a Currency condition.

Form Logic in Connect

In this example, the Connect user is asked to provide more information by being shown a Multi-Line Text field based on Radio Button condition.

Note: If a field is referenced in a Form Logic rule that includes a "require" action, that field will be included automatically in the Intake Form, even though the Intake Form composer may not show that field as included on the form.

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