Understanding when an event that requires action happens is critical for nonprofit organizations. Intervening at the right time in the right way can make all the difference.

Now, Apricot users, or other parties if selected, can be alerted when certain actions occur, or conditions are met on forms completed in Connect or Mobile. Examples include:

  • Notification when an application is completed via Intake

  • Sending next steps to an applicant upon Intake Form completion

  • Alert when a concerning survey score is submitted via Connect

  • Warning users about potential data entry errors in records created in Mobile


I. Supported Email Trigger Components

II. Example Email Trigger

III. Limitations

Supported Email Trigger Components

Email Triggers are a type of field configured in the Form Designer. For an Email Triggers overview, please review our Email Trigger article and watch our video tutorial:


  1. All components in the “Main” tab are supported in Connect and Mobile.

  2. By default, Email Triggers are “Hidden”, meaning your users or participants cannot see the Email Trigger Field when completing the Form. However, if “Hidden” is unchecked, users or participants will see the Display Name and Tooltip (if set) in Connect and Mobile.

  3. Reply To addresses are supported when users or participants respond to emails triggered by form events in Connect and Mobile.

  4. Email trigger recipients can be selected three ways. All are supported in Connect and Mobile.

  • Manually added

  • Apricot user email addresses

  • Email addresses collected in fields on the Tier 1 or Tier 2

Note, here we are working with a Tier 2 (“SAT Prep-Check-In) that contains no email field, but an associated Tier 1 (“Student Profile”) that does.

Email Text

  1. All components in the “Email Text” tab are supported in Connect and Mobile.

  2. Email body formatting and styling options are supported in emails triggered by form events in Connect and Mobile, including images and hyperlinks.

  3. Field values both previously completed and entered at the time of record creation or update in Connect and Mobile are supported.


  1. Most components in the “Filters” tab are supported.

  2. Email triggers can be sent upon record update and creation in Connect and Mobile.

  • Records can only be created via Intake and Direct Messages (Connect).

  • Records can be updated and created via Participant Accounts (Connect).

  • Record updates in Participant Accounts (Connect) are restricted to Tier 1 updates if given permission in “Edit Permissions” > “Personal Info” within a Participant Type.

  • Records can be updated and created via Mobile.

3. Most Fields and Criteria are supported. However, there are a limited number of field types that are not yet supported in Connect and Mobile. Please refer to this article for an up to date Supported Fields list.

Therefore, email triggers configured to send on an unsupported field type will not work. Of note, email triggers configured on a calculation field are a limitation.

Example Email Trigger

Above (left) is a record being created by Ava Rose (Tier 1 record) from her mobile device within her Connect account. She is self-reporting a 1500 SAT score.

Above (right) is the resulting email sent from the Email Trigger we configured on the “SAT Prep Check-In” Tier 2.


In addition to the inability to send an Email Trigger based on an unsupported field as noted above, Attachments configured on Email Triggers are also not supported.


  1. No components in the “Attachments” tab are supported.

  2. Email Trigger fields allow users to include a document stored in the Attach Doc field type (ex. above “Score Report”). If an Email Trigger is configured to include an attachment, the email will not send upon record creation or update. Additionally, if the Email Trigger field is unhidden, user or participant will see the below error.

3. Email Trigger fields also allow users to include a Shared File as an attachment. If a Shared File is selected, the email will not send.

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