Within Apricot, you can create Bulletins with buttons to navigate to specific pages on the site.

First, navigate to the Administrator tab, then Bulletins (found under Workflow Station)

Then, create a new bulletin:

Once on the bulletin creation page, ensure that it is set to HTML under Type:

In order to add buttons, click the Source button and paste the following:

<p><a href="[PAGE URL]"><button class="w3-btn w3-grey w3-round">[BUTTON TITLE]</button></a>

Once the HTML code is in place, replace "[PAGE URL]" (including brackets) with the full URL of the page you want the button to navigate to (from the address bar at the top of your browser window) and "[BUTTON TITLE]" with the label for the Button.

You can repeat this on a new line for as many buttons as you'd like, then save the bulletin.

Once the bulletin is saved, the button will appear like this:

Note: There can be issues when pointing a button to a URL outside of Apricot, so only use URLs from within your Apricot site.

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