Some reports my be marked as "restricted", which means they can only be edited or altered by staff on the Social Solutions Customer Care team. Administrators cannot undo the restriction on a report. They also cannot edit or alter the report. Restricted reports are usually set up at Social Solutions and are a due to Government restrictions or requirements. This feature helps to make sure that the integrity of these reports stays intact. 

What a Restricted Report will look like.

When you open a restricted report, you will see at the top a message that will display  "This report is restricted and can only be changed by a Social Solutions staff member".
You will also notice that all the property options are grayed out as well.

Running a Restricted Report

  1. When you run a restricted report, you can view results (run time filters can be added though in addition to any preexisting filters). Other available actions include:

  2. Print Mode: This will display a screen appropriate for printing the report or exporting it as a .pdf

  3. Export: This will allow you to export your report as a .XLS, .XLSX, or .CSV file.

  4. If you select "Edit," you will be taken to the screen normally reserved for editing the report so it can pull new results but you will not be able to change anything.

Copying a Restricted Report

  1. If you open a restricted report for editing, this message will appear: "This report is restricted and can only be changed by a Social Solutions staff member."

  2. If you would like to make changes to this report, you have two options:

               Select "Copy Report" in the right hand menu. This will create an unrestricted                 copy of the report that you can edit. The original will remain restricted.

              Email the Customer Care team and request the report be un-restricted. You                   can email the Customer Care team at

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