Building and Formatting ARR Reports
22 articles
Apricot Results: Building Reports with an Excel Document
Apricot Results: Using a Custom Report as a Data SourceHow to use another Results Report as a data source
Apricot Results: Adding a New Query
Apricot Results | How to Edit Query Properties
Apricot Results | Pre- and Re-queriesHow to filter a data set with another query
Apricot Results: How to set Input Controls
Apricot Results: Drill FiltersFilters
Filtering for Active Participants in a Date Range
Apricot Results | Resetting Default Style
Apricot Results | Adding a Background Image
Apricot Results: Adding TablesThis article will go over the different types of tables that can be added to a report.
Apricot Results | Adding Reports (Tabs)In Apricot Results, each tab of a document is called a "report." This article will go over how to add new reports to your document.
Apricot Results: Sorting in Apricot Results
Apricot Results: Conditional Formatting
Apricot Results | Editing Tables/Legends
Results Reporting | Understanding Blank Date Fields
Apricot Results | Free Standing Cells/Pre-Defined Cells
Apricot Results | Hyperlinks to Participant Folders and Forms#results
Apricot Results | Creating Geographic ChartsUsing the Address Lookup form field to create Geographic Charts in Results
Apricot Results | Relative PositioningYou can use relative position to format the position of tables to prevent an overlapping of data
Apricot Results | Formatting Numbers and Dates in ReportsAll numbers and dates can be formatted to override the default formatting that is returned by Apricot Results
Apricot Results | Formatting Reports for Printing in Apricot ResultsFormatting reports to avoid page breaks, run off columns, and layout issues