Super User vs Admin Access
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Super Users in Apricot are users that work with Bonterra and need full access to the software for customer support and troubleshooting. This article will break down some of the features that are available as a Super User, and how they differ from what an Administrator has access to, since these differences are not always obvious.

In Settings

Change Passwords

Super Users can manually change users' passwords in the users' settings. This can be used to give users' temporary passwords when users are locked out, among other things. However, Admins do not have access to this.

Apricot Settings

Navigating to Apricot Settings through the Workflow Station in the Administrator tab, you'll see a couple of sections that Admins do not have access to: Product Synchronization and Support Tools.

In addition to these sections, there are certain settings in the A La Carte Features Section that only Super Users have access to change. As a Super User, you can edit the options when requested, but Admins can only see what their site is currently using.

The bottom left corner options also differ between Super User and Administrator. While the Customer Care option is visible to both sides, only the Super User actually has access to use the Customer Care tools. On the other hand, Admins have access to the Submit an Idea option to access the Ideas Portal while Super User's do not.

Templatize Forms

Super Users can 'copy' forms by templatizing them. While Admins can create templates from scratch and use those, they cannot copy forms or access the 'Restricted' templates.

Dynamic Fields and Queries

Using Dynamic Fields and the queries associated with them is limited to Super Users. Admins can request that these fields be created and used as necessary, but they cannot configure the fields themselves. Super Users can also see Dynamic Field settings whether they are active in an organization or not.

Restricted Fields

Restricted Fields are as the name implies; only Super Users have access to unrestrict these fields and edit them.


Administrators DO NOT have access to debug. Some of our third-party implementation specialists have access to the JSON, otherwise, Super Users are the only users that can access the backend of forms and reports.


You must have your user badge set to an Admin to access Results Reporting. Attempting to access Results Reporting as a Super User will result in the following error message:


Super Users cannot integrate their own calendars in the Schedule section of Apricot, so you must have an Admin account to use this feature.

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