Add New User: Adding a new user is simple. Start by selecting the New User button.

*In order to create a user, admins will need to fill out an email address and name for the New User. There is no requirement on adding Roles/Programs to create a user, though that can be accomplished at this point as well.

1. Add New User’s email address

2. Add New User’s first and last name

3. Select the User Type

4. Select which Site(s) you want to associate the User with

5. Assign Role(s) and Program(s) *Optional

4. Send Invite – When Send Invite is selected, an email containing a link to login to Apricot will be sent to the email address specified for the New User. The New User can then login to Apricot and create their password. If no Roles/Programs have been set up for the New User, they will be able to log in but will not see anything in Apricot.

Invited (on the Users Page): When a New User has been created, there will be a detail on their User Card that says ‘Invited’. When the New User logs in for the first time, this detail will go away.

Additionally, there will be a snack bar on the User Details page that indicates that this user has been invited and has not logged in. An admin can resend their invite via a link on this snack bar.

You can read more about role based permissions by clicking here!

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