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Apricot 2020 Release Notes
Apricot Import Tool | Row Level Program Assignment
Apricot Import Tool | Row Level Program Assignment

This document outlines enhancements to the import tool launched on September 16th, 2020.

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This document outlines a new enhancement we’ve made to the existing Apricot Import Tool. Users can now add specific program assignments for all records from within their import file.

New Functionality

We’ve added a new System Fields check box that will show up during the template generation process.

Checking the box will add an Assigned Program column to the file when clicking the Download CSV File button.

After opening the downloaded file, the user will need to enter the Program IDs, not the Program Name, that they would like to assign into the file.

We added the Program IDs in the Import Instructions section to make it easy for the user to find them. The list of Programs on this page are sorted alphabetically. This new field can also accept multiple programs. The user will need to separate each Program ID using a pipe ‘|’ character. It’s important to note that the instructions will only display the program names and program Ids that the user and form have access to record.

In the UI, if the import tool doesn’t detect Program IDs in the file, it will prompt you to choose a default program or set of programs.

Invalid Program IDs will cause the row(s) to be flagged with validation errors at the validation step.

With automated imports, if the Program IDs are missing or invalid, it will still import the data, but will not assign a program to the record.

After you have imported your file, during the Imported process, you will now see the Assigned Programs in the UI showing if the data was successfully imported.

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