Apricot 7.15.2 | 2020.01.07
Updated over a week ago

Apricot Bug Fixes

Dynamic Checkbox

  • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Checkboxes were always last in the tab order


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented users from not being able to check availability on Gmail shared calendars


  • Fixed a display bug where grouping by Assigned Program field would cause overlap in Reports

Insights Attendance Dashboard

  • The toggle for opting into the new Insights Dashboard has been removed

  • Insights is now enabled for Apricot 360 clients

Document Folder Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the links drawer would break if there were links that the user didn't have access to


  • Improved accessibility for the Links and Overview tabs

Attach Doc/Image Fields

  • Fixed a bug where importing an empty Attach Doc or Image field would display an error on the Doc Folder Overview

Address & Address Lookup Fields

  • Changed the way address are displayed on the Overview tab. Addresses now display as one formatted line instead of separate sub fields

  • Fixed a bug where some of the toggles on the address lookup fields did not work

Recent Activity

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to see limited information about recent activity on the overview tab under a specific permissions configuration for records they did not have access to


  • Fixed a bug where certain users (including Admins) would get a 'No Access' error after changing toggling their view in the User Badge


  • Fixed a bug where the 'All' option was only selecting visible records

  • Made overall improvements to the Print Modal functionality

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