• Fixed a bug where the remaining seats messaging was inconsistent.
  • Will now remember the sort order on return.
  • Fixed a bug where "Please Wait" would persist after the link has been added.

Address Lookup

  • Fixed a bug where saving a record with "Other" selected for state would error.
  • Fixed a bug where hidden address lookup fields would cause sub fields to vanish.
  • Fixed a bug where global lookup did not place the suggested address in the field.
  • The tab order is now correct.

Form Designer: Form Permissions Modal

  • Fixed a bug where the user could only select 1000 checkboxes.
  • Report cache now clears when program is changed in the top navigation bar.
  • Users can now tab to the user badge.

Lookup Lists

  • Can now be alphabetized.

New Document Folder UI

  • Masked dropdown values now correctly display the front end value in Quick View instead of the back end numeric value in the new UI.
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