Apricot 7.12 | 2019.11.19
Updated over a week ago

Document Folder

  • Fixed a bug where opening the create modal would cause the record counts on the document folder to change to null

  • The create modal should now properly show when the record limit has been reached on a Tier 2 form.

  • Fixed a bug where malformed registration grid data would cause the entire document folder to error with CANNOT READ PROPERTY 'VALUE' OF UNDEFINED

Address Global Lookup

  • Fixed a bug where line breaks would become visible as <br /> after saving a record.


  • Fixed a bug where reverting an import would fail with SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found

Form Logic

  • "Matches any of" rule conditions now display the proper options when options are populated by lookup lists.

Shared Files

  • You can now change the name of a shared file and click the dropdown arrow without having to refresh the page.

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