Bonterra Case Management 7.9 | 2019.10.22
Updated over a week ago


  • Reverting an import now reverts program adjustments made in that import.

Participant Profile

  • Fixed a bug where hide from document folder did not work in the new interface.

  • Fixed a bug where printing with "All Client Profile Info" did not print Tier 1 information in the new interface.

Record Names

  • Removed the ability to choose mod or creation user as a record name, which fixed a bunch of other things.

Global Support

  • Scheduler field now correctly adopts non-US field format.

  • Attendance date fields in the reg grid no longer incorrectly default to US format.

Address Lookup

  • Entering a state now suggests the correct State and Country values.

  • Fixed a bug where error prompts would be partially hidden under the map.

  • HTML field labels now correctly appear if "Show Empty Values" is off.


  • Fixed an issue where the workflows content would overlap the side nav.


  • Using quotes in the title of a report no longer causes syntax errors.


  • Marking a user as inactive now immediately kills the user's session.

Active Programs

  • Swapping a user view or program in the user badge or program badge now correctly emulates accesses in the new User Interface.

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