Users can navigate Apricot for data entry using tab and other keyboard functions. This can improve the function of low vision screen readers with Apricot and when your browser window is zoomed in to a close range.

Tab Order

Users can navigate from field to field in any form by using the tab key on their keyboard. When each data entry field has been accessed, the tab key will then allow a user to access the options under "Record Options."

Tab order can be specified to go "row by row" or "column by column."


Changing or Updating Tab Order

Tab order is managed and updated in the form designer (Administrator view).

1. Open the form you would like to adjust in the form designer, and click the section gear box.

2. Under "Tab Order," expand the drop down menu and make a selection.

- Row by Row: When a user hits the tab key, the field will advance from left to right across the row of the record.

- Column by Column: When a user hits the tab key, the field will advanced from top to bottom across the columns of the record.

3. Publish your form when you have completed all changes.

*Note: you will need to adjust the tab order for each section in a form.


Tab Order - Tips and Tricks

  • The tab key can be used to access and interact with most data entry fields. However, it does not work with link fields. When you are designing a form that will be accessed by the tab key, do not put a link field as the last field at the bottom of the form. This will make it difficult or impossible to access the Record Options menu on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Below is a visual example of how tabbing through a form with 3 rows and 3 columns will behave using the different settings

  • Row by Row: Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Field 4, Field 5, Field 6, Field 7, Field 8, Field 9

  • Column by Column: Field 1, Field 4, Field 7, Field 2, Field 5, Field 8, Field 3, Field 6, Field 9

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