Track Bed Nights

Bed nights or shelter stays can be tracked by creating a Bed Enrollment record for each client staying in shelter.

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Access the Bed Enrollment Form

To create a Bed Enrollment record, first select the client profile record for the client who is staying in the shelter.

  1. Click the My Apricot tab at the top of the page.

  2. In the left hand menu, select the Client Profile form.

  3. Choose an existing client from the Client Profile Search page. Selecting a column to the right of the client's name will open the document folder. Or

  4. Create a new Client Profile for a new client who is coming in for services for the first time.

  1. In the Client Profile Document Folder, scroll down under Additional Documents and select the Bed Enrollment form.

  2. Hover your mouse over the Actions tab and select Create New.

  1. Fill out the Bed Enrollment record with the date the client is checking into the shelter.

  2. Leave the check out date blank until the client has checked out of the shelter.Only one Bed Enrollment record needs to be created for each shelter stay; you do not need to create a new record every night someone stays in the shelter.

  3. Save record.


When a Client Leaves the Shelter

When a client leaves the shelter or ends their stay in the shelter, you will need to edit their Bed Enrollment record to show that they have checked out of the shelter.

  1. Access their Client Profile document folder and scroll down to the Bed Enrollment records.

  2. Expand the gray arrow to see all of the Bed Enrollment records that have been created for this client.

  3. Select the one that corresponds to their current stay in shelter. It should have a blank area under "Check-Out Date." Click on the orange text to open that record for editing.

  1. Fill out the information in Check-Out Date to show when the client left the shelter.

  2. Save record.

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