How to Enter Client Location

Client Location is a data field that is required for the ESG CAPER report.

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Client Location is a data field that is required for the ESG CAPER report. If your agency submits the CAPER, you will need to fill in the Client Location field on the Program Enrollment record for each client you wish to report on.

Find Client Location Data Field

The Client Location field is located on the Program Enrollment record.

  1. To find the Program Enrollment, click the My Apricot tab.

  2. In the left hand menu, select Client Profile.

  3. Search for the name of a client to be counted in the ESG CAPER report.

  4. Select their name from the list.

  1. In the document folder, expand the black arrow next to Program Enrollment.

  2. Select the current enrollment.

  1. In the first section, find the Client Location field and enter the code for your location.

  2. Save record.


Set This Code as the Default Answer

You can set this code as the default answer to be entered for each client. To do so, open the Program Enrollment form in the Form Designer.

  1. Click the green gear box on the Client Location field.

  2. Under Default Value, type in your code.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Publish the form.

Note: If this field is restricted in your site, please contact Customer Support for assistance.


Your Client Location

Client Location is tracked by the location of your agency. It is likely that you will be entering the same information for each of your clients.

To find your location, open the attachment below and search for your geographical area. This code is what should be entered in the Client Location field.

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