Hide Total Row Counts in Report

Total row counts in report sections can be suppressed or hidden from display.

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Total Rows

  1. Each report section, by default, displays "total rows." This encompasses the combination of records from one or more forms that have been added to a report section. Depending on how the report was built, this number may not be specific enough to be useful, particularly if you need to count only records of a particular form.

  2. To adjust what your report counts, open the section gear box.

  3. Under "Count," select which records you would like your report to count. This will be unique to each report and how it will be built.


Hide Total Row Count in a Report

  1. To hide the total rows from the report display, select "Suppress Total Row Count" under Count.

  2. Select when you would like the total rows to be suppressed or hidden.

  3. The total rows box will no longer appear.

Hide Row Count in Export

  1. Without the total rows suppressed or hidden, there is an extra tab in each exported report to show the total rows. When total rows is suppressed, that tab is no longer exported.

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