Release Notes | Inventory Dashboard

This document serves as the release notes for the Inventory Dashboard, an interactive Dashboard for the Inventory Management feature.

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The Inventory Dashboard is a powerful tool that centralizes your item and distribution tracking. It provides quick insights into your Inventory Management in order to surface the most relevant data for your organization, and allows you to make informed decisions on where to act. Click here to learn more about Inventory Management in Apricot.

Accessing the Inventory Dashboard

The Inventory Dashboard is currently available for Apricot 360 organizations in the US. Non-Apricot 360 users can request more information about the feature from their CSM or AM.

Key Insights at Initial Release

Below are the available insights into your inventory status and distributions at initial release:

Total Quantity

  • Get the total quantity of all inventory items.

Total Quantity Available

  • Get the quantity of inventory items currently available for use.

Total Quantity Awaiting Return

  • Track the distributions made for returnable inventory items that are currently awaiting return.

Total Quantity Distributed

  • Get the total quantity of distributions for any inventory item made year-to-date.

Interacting with Data

Clicking on each insight in the Inventory Dashboard allows you to drill down into the underlying data, providing details on inventory items and their distributions.

For example, clicking Total Quantity Awaiting Return currently displays the Item Name, Category, and Expected Date of Return.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Dashboards feature in Apricot, click here.

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