Apricot Results for Standard Users
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Apricot’s Results Reporting is an advanced reporting tool that gives you a suite of business intelligence tools for data reporting, visualization, and sharing.

If your organization has access to Results Reporting, navigating is easy and depends on your user access. If your permissions are set for standard access, navigate to Results Reporting is as simple as expanding “My Apricot Tools” in the left navigation bar, and selecting Apricot Results Reporting. This will launch a new window in your browser.

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For All Users

For Administrators

Getting Started

To access Results Reporting as a Standard Users:

  1. Navigate to the My Apricot tab

  2. Expand My Apricot Tools

  3. Click Apricot Results Reporting

BI Launch Pad

When you first open Apricot Results Reporting, you’ll be taken to the home page. This Home page presents some tiles that will give you access to your repository’s resources:

  • Folders: to navigate in the BI Platform repository folders.

  • Categories: to navigate in the BI Platform repository categories.

  • Documents: to display your documents as a flat list.

  • BIInbox: to access the documents and alerts you have received.

  • Instances: to give you an overview of all your schedules and publications.

  • RecycleBin: to display and restore documents you have deleted.

Under these tiles, three sections with document tiles are displayed:

  • Favorites – Documents you have set as favorites

  • Recent Documents – Documents you have previously opened

  • Recently Run – Documents that have been recently processed through schedules

  • Applications - Web Intelligence launches for users that have access to create reports.

Running a report

Standard users have the ability to run reports that have been created and shared by administrators.

To find a report select the “Folders” tile from the launch pad. This will open the directory of reports you have access to run.

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Enable standard user for Results Reporting (Administrators only)

Note: This functionality is Site-specific and only available as an added feature for certain organizations.

Administrators in Apricot are able to grant a user access to a seat for Results Reporting. Open the User Details page for the desired user, and click the Update button in the User Detail tile. Locate the “Results Reporting Seat Enabled” field and set to TRUE. Click SAVE to make changes to the user’s access.

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Share or hiding reports for Standard Users (Administrators only)

Administrators in Results Reporting have access to create and edit reports. If as an admin, you would like to share a report with a standard user, simply place in the root directory “apricot_xxxxx” where XXXX is your site id. You may also create other directories off of the root to organize reports, with the exception of the “apricot_xxxxx_administrators” directory. Any report placed within the administrators folder will be available to other admins but not to any standard users.

As a standard user, you will not see the “apricot_xxxx_administrators folder”

Administrators View

Standard Users View

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