Filtering for Active Participants in a Date Range
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When building an Apricot Results report, you may want to see who was active during a specific date range. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In your report, click "Edit Data Provider" or "Edit Query" button to view the query you want to add the filter to.

  2. Pull in the object you use to record Program Start Date.

  3. Click the button on the right of the filter and Select Prompt.

  4. In the dropdown for this filter (which normally says "In List" by default, select "Less Than or Equal To"

  5. In the text box for this filter, type "End Date"

  6. Pull your Exit Date object into the filter pane, set it to Greater Than or Equal To (similar to step 4), set to to prompt (similar to step 3), and in the text box, type "Start Date" or "Begin Date."

  7. Add a second filter on the Exit Date object. This time, in the dropdown, we'll select "less than" and input the date "1/1/1900."

    1. Note: To learn more about blank date fields in Apricot Results Reporting, read our article here.

  8. Next, press the "Add Nested Filter" button to make a nested filter appear set at "OR".

  9. Drag the two Exit Date filters so they appear next to the "OR" filter. Once this is done, the filter pane should look similar to the image below (keep in mind that your Date of Enrollment and Exit Date objects may have different names or ID numbers attached to them):

Once this is done, you can run the query to only show data for participant that were enrolled in the date range.

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