Intake Success Message | Release Notes

This article details improvements to the Intake Form Builder launched on September 11th, 2020.

Updated over a week ago

We've released new functionality to the Intake Form Builder that allows administrators to dictate what happens, what a participant sees, after an Intake Form is successfully saved.

Previously after a successful save, a new version of that form would load. While this works well on kiosks or waiting room devices, we understand that for individuals filling out forms on their own devices it can be confusing, and a missed opportunity to provide additional information and next steps.

Now, administrators can choose between three options:

  1. Kiosk Mode (Default) – a new, blank version of the form will load

  2. Redirect URL – participants will be directed to a specified webpage

    1. Note: Redirect URL requires full URLs, including the https:// or http:// at the beginning

  3. Custom Language Display – participants will be shown configured plain text

Note: Formatting text is not supported at this time. We did not implement a character limit.

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