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Note: Bonterra no longer offers Apricot for Funders, and related features are no longer supported by our Product and Development Teams. For that reason, the information in this article may in some cases not reflect current functionality. Apricot for Funders is still supported by the Apricot Support team for existing clients on the platform. Please reach out to the Apricot Support Team with any questions you may have about Apricot for Funders that are not answered here.

Grant Field
AFF's grant module manages the workflow around several key forms. To ensure that the appropriate forms are active at the right times and can be seen by the appropriate users, the grant module interacts with certain specific fields on each of the key forms used in the AFF workflow.

The grant field interacts with the grant tool and displays which phrase is currently being applied to an application intake form.

 Adding the Grant Fields to Forms

The grant field allows the application intake form to interact with the grant tool. It must also be connected to a link field on the same application intake form to connect it to the appropriate applicant profile Tier 1 form.

Grant Field in Action

When a user accesses an application intake, the grant field will be labeled "Grant".

It will display the name of the grant that the applicant is applying for an in parentheses show the current phrase this application is in. 

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