Apricot Connect: Supported Fields

This is a list of supported and unsupported fields in Connect with other limitations

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Supported Fields 

  • Address 

  • Address Global Lookup 

  • Address Lookup 

  • Canada, U.S., and U.K. 

  • Attach Doc 

  • Checkbox

  • Currency 

  • Date 

  • Decimal 

  • Dropdown

  • Email 

  • Email Trigger

  • Image 

  • Label (Simple) 

  • Label (HTML) 

  • Likert Scale 

  • Masked Dropdown

  • Masked Radio Button

  • Milestones/Goals 

  • Multi-Line 

  • Multi-Select Dropdown

  • Name 

  • Numeric 

  • Phone 

  • Radio Button

  • Signature 

  • Social Security Number 

  • State 

  • Text 

  • Time 

  • Zip 


  • Multi-Select Dropdown fields will show as checkbox fields.

  • The Date fields' format will be determined by your site settings:

    United States: MM-DD-YYYY

    United Kingdom: DD-MM-YYYY

    Canada: YYYY-MM-DD

  • Address Lookup will not suggest an address when data is entered

Unsupported Fields

  • Append Only 

  • Auto Populate 

  • Calculations (all types) 

  • Dropdown Date 

  • Dynamic Fields 

  • Grant 

  • Grant Invitation 

  • Link 

  • Record Lock 

  • Review Assignment 

  • Scheduler 

  • User Creation 

  • User List

  • Website  

Note: The field property 'Hint' is not supported.

Form Logic

Supported Fields, Conditions and Actions


Form/Record Permissions to be aware of:

  • A tier 1 form must be associated with a program for it to be used as a Participant Type when setting up a new type under Connect -> Participants 

  • A participant record must be assigned to the program for which the Connect administrator has granted participants access to, in order for the participant to view and fill out any Tier 2 forms associated with their record 

  • Email triggers are supported in some capacity, please refer to this article for additional details.

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