Reporting on Registration Grids

Reporting on registration grids have to be set up a certain way in order to prevent duplicate rows.

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What are Registration Grids?

Registration Grids allow users to create multiple tier 2 records for multiple tier 1 records at the same time. You can read more about registration grids here

Setting Up A Registration Grid Report 

  1. Identify the forms used in your registration grid.
    * There should be three forms:
         - Tier 1 "Class/Event"
         - Tier 1 "Student/Participant"
         - Tier 2 "Attendance" (found under the tier 1 student/participant form). 

  2. Bring in at least one field from the Tier 2 Attendance form. This will establish your Root form. Typically, this is a Tier 1 form but for this registration grid report, you'll need to make the tier 2 Attendance form the root form. 

3. Add desired fields from the Tier 1 Student/Participant and Tier 1 Class/Event forms:

Now that you've added fields from all of your forms. Make sure the linking relationship is set up correctly.

  1. Click on the Class/Event form to open the form properties.

  2. Under Connected To make sure it's linked to the Attendance form.

  3. Click Apply

Add the desired filters and groupings, then publish your report!

Note: In order to prevent duplicate rows or inaccurate data, please make sure that your tier 2 attendance form is the root form.

Graphing Your Registration Grid Report

To add a graph to your report:

  1. Open the report section properties.

  2. Select "Yes" under Show Graph 

  3. Click Apply

By default, graphs are set to show grouping summaries. In the example below, I've grouped by "Attendance". 

To learn more about graphs, check out this article

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