Creating Cascading Drop Downs using Form Logic

Form logic can use look up lists to create cascading drop downs. In the example above, we will look at how to set different Program options based on the Program site selected. 

Setting up your fields

This requires three key elements.

  1. A field which will determine the options populated. In this example we have set a Program field using the look up list called "Programs". This look up list contains the following options: Program A, Program B and Program C.

  2. A drop down field with unset properties, the options will be set with form logic. Here we are using a drop down called Site.

  3. Look up lists must be created for each of these locations. To learn more about look up lists, please see the Lookup List article.

Form Logic Condition

Each condition here is based on the Program field option, you will need to create a new condition for each look up list you are using. 

Form Logic Action

Each action here will pick the look up used based on the program location selected. Use the "Use Lookup List" action to set the correct look up list for the field. 

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