Multifactor Authentication
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Note: MFA is is an added security feature available only to Apricot Core and Apricot 360 Users in the United States.

Turning on MFA: 

  • Navigate to Apricot settings – this feature is located at the bottom of the Security section

  • Admin activates for the site

  • Please note 30 days is the minimum that can be set for "Days Before User Must Reauthenticate Remembered Device"

  • Once activated, all users (including guest users) will be prompted upon login to set up their MFA settings 

User Setup:

  • From the User badge in the top right, click User Preferences

  • Authentication options are located in the Multifactor Authentication section

  • User can verify by either text or email

  • User will be prompted to verify their account as seen below

Remembered Device: 

  • Apricot will only remember one device

  • When a user first logs in OR the user logs in from an unknown device, they will be asked if they would like to update their remembered device after verifying the account

Authenticating the account:

  • User will be prompted to authenticate their account when they either login from an unknown device or when the number of days have passed as set by the site's "Days Before User Must Reauthenticate" setting

  • Validation code will expire in 30 mins but can be resent as needed with the “Resend code” option 

  • We use a 3rd party integration to send emails (not texts) through Apricot on your behalf called SendGrid. Customer Support can check to see if an email was sent, but SendGrid only saves email logs for 7 calendar days so you must contact us within that time for us to check. We cannot provide direct access to SendGrid. You may need to inform your recipients that they might need to whitelist the following email address if the emails are going to their spam folder:

Authentication Limit

You are entitled to 2500 authentications (via SMS or email) per month at no additional charge. Authentications must be used within the month provided - no rollover will be permitted. Additional message packs may be purchased at any time. If you exceed the allotted number of messages in one month, the minimum available additional message pack(s) necessary to cover the overage will be added to your account and you will be invoiced in arrears. You acknowledge that the carriers or service providers for message recipients may charge fees for data usage or messaging.

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