This article will cover the Account Information section located within the Administrator tab. Please note that this page is only visible to Apricot Essentials customers who have purchased their Apricot online directly from our website.

When an Apricot Essentials site is purchased through our website, Apricot also stores the associated account information within the "Account Information" page. This can be used to review, and in some cases, to update this information.

Accessing Account Information

The Account Information page can be accessed in two different ways:

Via the User Badge: 

  1. Click on your photo or the silhouette (if you don't have a profile photo) in the top-right corner of your Apricot window

  2. Select "Account Management"

Via the "Access Control" options:

  1. Select the Administrator tab.

  2. In the left hand menu, select Account Information.

Once you've accessed the Account Information page via either of the two strategies mentioned above, you'll be brought to a list of panes that represent your organization's account information. This descending list will contain the following panes as you scroll down the page:

  • Plan Setup: This pane serves as an overview of your contract assets, the features included, the contract term, and the cost before taxes. At the bottom of this pane, there is a also a link to your the agreement in PDF format.

  • Contact Info: This pane contains the information listed for your organization's primary contact in Apricot. This is the person Apricot will typically contact regarding billing inquiries. An Administrator can update the information in this section using the button in the bottom-right corner of this pane that reads "UPDATE."

  •  Payment Info: The Payment Info pane will contain the billing address, card that's on file for your Apricot subscription, and information regarding your organization's tax exemption status. An Administrator can update the information in this section using the button in the bottom-right corner of this pane that reads "UPDATE."

  • Note: only the last 4 digits of your credit card will be displayed on this page for security purposes. If you click "UPDATE," the card number will be blank for your protection.

  • Invoice History: The final pane is "Invoice History." This pane will contain a list of invoices accrued by your organization's Apricot account. These invoices will be listed in reverse-chronological order with the payment amount and invoice number. Any of these invoices can be downloaded as a .PDF file by clicking on the symbol to the far-right side of the invoice line. If you need further information regarding an invoice listed here, please contact

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