Spotlight: Administrator Roles
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In the Apricot Essentials Health Regimen “Active Users,” we discussed the importance of Active Users in your site. We recommend your Apricot have at least two active users trained and entering data in Apricot and conducting occasional user training to ensure your users get the most from your database. In this health regimen, we will shine a spotlight on granting administrator functions to standard users.

Spotlight: Administrator Roles
While your site may only have two users chosen to be Administrators, you may give Standard Users Administrator Roles. A role is a category of administrative tools. For example, Users can be given the role of building their own reports, or creating their own bulletins.
Assign Roles
Roles are assigned on the User Record. This is the record that contains the individual’s Username, password, and linked permission set. Roles can be found just below the User’s contact information and will only be visible on Standard User records (it will not be visible on Administrator records.)

Roles and Permission Sets
Some roles, such as Form Design and Report Build, require an extra step to give users Access. The role of Form Design and report Building must be paired with a permission set that specifies which existing forms or reports can be modified by the user. Within the user’s permission set, check the “Design Form” or “Edit Report” column on the far right to choose which forms and report the user can make changes to.
If the user should not be able to edit any reports, you will still need to give them access to a report category to begin building new reports.
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